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Evolving the IT infrastructure for the Olympic Games

Evolving the IT infrastructure for the Olympic Games

We guided our Client in the migration of its IT systems to the cloud and in the adoption of new as-a-service models.

Approach & Solution



Our Client is an independent, non-profit, international organization that aims to build a better world through sport. It manages relevant activities related to the Olympic Movement and carries out important marketing initiatives, including the sale of television rights and the transmission of TV programs.

Our Engineering D.HUB team leveraged its multi-year experience with the Client, working as the unique IT partner. We followed and defined our Client's IT evolution strategy and we planned a program for the transformation of the infrastructure which was based on a Hybrid cloud model, integrating its services on-premise and public cloud. We defined a precise roadmap to evolve our Client's systems, with clear timelines, goals and necessary resources - internal and external.


With Engineering D.HUB, we gradually transformed the on-premise infrastructure, from legacy systems to Hyperscale and virtual farm cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure and Alibaba Cloud), according to a pay-per-use model. The success of the project was ensured by arranging a set of processes, skills and tools, aligned with the most innovative technologies (e.g. Akamai for distributed cash content, dedicated IDS / IPS, Checkpoint Firewall).

By providing an operational team (24/7) and our continuity and Disaster Recovery services hosted on our Pont-Saint-Martin Data Center, we ensured the total security, availability and reliability of all the Client's IT services that support Olympic games and related events.


24/7 availability of support team

Efficients Disaster Recovery services

Secure and reliable IT services

Ensured continuity of critical business activities

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