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Smart production control is now possible thanks to DiVE: a platform for gathering and analysing data using innovative digital dashboards.

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Our client is a food company established through a joint venture between two industry giants, it is one of the largest producer of ice-cream in the world. Due to its rapid growth, it became aware of the need to innovate and introduce new technologies in light of the Industry 4.0 developments. The challenge involves digitally transforming the company and gathering data so as to optimise and make decision-making processes more efficient.


DiVE is the Engineering product for smart industry. With it, we enable the client to gather data from production lines and machinery for the analysis of its manufacturing processes. By means of detailed KPIs shown on the dashboard and innovative interfaces, we thereby allow the company to evaluate and monitor the efficiency of the entire system.
Thanks to their highly configurable design, the DiVE Virtual Plant and MAPs modules can be adapted to a client’s processes and business needs. The data acquired is processed by the MAPs module, which calculates the KPIs both in real time and based on historical data. The resulting information is then displayed on different interfaces, including:
- Navigable dashboards that allow a root cause analysis (RCA) of potential inefficiencies to be carried out.
- Summary pages that enable any alerts to be rapidly identified.
- Reports including graphics for comparing the performance of different production lines, machinery, shifts and other indicators.


With our DiVE product, we enable the client to perform a detailed analysis of its data, so that any corrective actions in respect of its production processes can be implemented in a timely manner; Post-event analysis of the data allows the company to make significant changes to the relevant process, with a direct positive impact on the performance of its machinery and its entire production process.

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