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Blockchain technology is enabling new paradigms for Industry 4.0, leading companies towards new levels of productivity.

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FAR-EDGE project is a joint effort of global leaders in manufacturing, based on industrial automation and future internet, aimed at promoting the adoption of virtualized factory automation solutions.
FAR-EDGE will be a reference implementation of architectural concepts based on emerging standards for industrial automation, in particular RAMI 4.0 and the reference architecture of the Industrial Internet Consortium.
In this way, the project and the platform that will be developed will lower the barriers for manufacturers (including SMEs) to move towards the Industry 4.0 vision by increasing automation, streamlining manufacturing processes and facilitating new production models and trends (notably mass-customization and reshoring).


FAR-EDGE will introduce, implement and validate an open platform for factory automation, creating the basis for an ecosystem of novel decentralized automation solutions for the Factories of the Future (FoF).

The platform is based on an edge computing architecture, leveraging IoT/Cyber-Physical Systems and Blockchain technologies. The latter, Blockchain (mainly its "distributed consensus“function), has a relevant role: it permits to decentralize the responsibility of the production process, which is delegated to smart machines able to work together in an autonomous way, without a central coordination point and within a well-defined system of common rules.

FAR-EDGE will be validated in real-life plants (e.g. Volvo, Whirlpool) and will be applied in user-driven business cases for mass-customization and reshoring, aiming at evaluating the results of the project.

The project is co-funded under the European Union's H2020 programme - Contract no. 723094


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