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From supply chain to accounting management, we are alongside a ready-to-wear Italian leader in the digital transformation of all the business processes.

Approach & Solution

Digital Retail & Fashion


Our Client is an Italian historical company, specialized in the textile industry and, in particular, on embroideries for high-fashion and pret-à-porter.
During the last years, the company has grown considerably in terms of volumes and revenues, signing new relevant license agreements, both related to production and distribution with leading brands. Furthermore, our Client expects an additional increase in revenues thanks to the launch and acquisition of new production lines.

Such growth requires that information systems adapt and evolve accordingly. Thus, we have been chosen to lead our Client in Change management activities, analyzing its processes and systems to identify the best vertical softwares and ERP.


Our analysis has been conducted by interviewing the focal points who manage our Client's core processes: product manufacturing, supply chain, sales, warehouse and accounting. We have analyzed and mapped out each process, and highlighted the areas for improvement as well as the existing gaps between our Client's approach and market best practices.
Subsequently, we carried out feasibility studies, both from an organizational and structural point of view, in order to understand how to overcome the critical aspects and how to successfully implement the new IT system.

According to our Client's needs, we selected the following softwares: Stealth 3K and the PLM provided by Centric Software, as these accurately matched our our Client's processes and were equipped with a complete range of functionalities.


Higher quality and reliability of data

More effective audit and control processes

More information for effective investments

Better control and usability for users

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