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Field service excellence

Field service excellence

Use of a single, innovative workforce management platform streamlines field activities for a leading water services company.

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The supply of water is one of the most delicate services provided to citizens. As such, it requires precise and timely management.

We collaborated with a market leader in Brazil with a catchment area of more than 7 million citizens served. The company is therefore well aware of the challenge represented by centralized management of its field activities, which can be implemented with systematic digitalization and standardization of processes and related control.


With OverIT, our Engineering group company specialized in Field Service Management solutions, we provided the expertise of our technicians in planning, scheduling, mobility and integration with GIS systems and the 20 years of use of the "Geocall" proprietary platform.

The platform allows the user to receive service requests, support their execution and finalization, and gather information useful for measuring performance. Through Geocall, it is possible to optimize the management of processes and make standard reliable "best practices" available to operators.


Effective, agile, safe, transparent field activities

Greater control of efficiency indicators

Support for operators in decision making activities

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