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Florence: City of Art
and Smart Mobility

In the Municipality of Florence, the INES Cloud platform integrates processes and information for an intelligent mobility.

Approach & Solution



Simplify and improve the management of urban mobility, digitizing and integrating its processes, systems and related services. With this objective the Municipality of Florence addressed us: we supported the Administration with INES Cloud, the platform used by many cities in Italy and abroad for the unified management of urban mobility and parking.


Engineering has adopted several solutions to digitize the mobility system of the Municipality of Florence, including:
  • INES Cloud BSS, for the definition of processes, issue and control of permits, tickets, traffic and parking season tickets and for the management of sales channels, from the counter and from the reserved area, for requesting authorizations, reservations and digital payments
  • INES Cloud – ParkingHub, for unified management of the resale of parking tickets through multiple mobile apps of different suppliers
  • Tap&Park, the application for paying parking and renewing season tickets
  • Smart Fines, the mobile app for smartphones for the control of permits/season tickets/parking entitlements and the issuing of infringement notifications.

The Engineering system integrates with the processes, services and data of the ZTL management systems and the city's accounting, financial and administrative systems.


Create a single database of urban mobility

Improve monitoring through new management tools

Increase in revenues for the municipality

Simplification of the work of operators

Reduction in fraud

Simpler and more accessible mobility services

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI and Advanced Analytics

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies

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