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Public Administration moves close to citizens: an innovative software makes it possible to employees to create and manage apps autonomously.

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Nowadays there are millions of apps and web apps, used to satisfy the most varied needs, from entertainment to productivity. Public administration can also benefit from adapting to these new digital tools, to create new channels for interacting with citizens and to provide agile and efficient services.

Within this context, the Visual Mashup Editor (VME) project was designed to provide public employees, particularity those lacking advanced ICT skills, the opportunity to easily create mobile and web applications.
The aim is to develop and evolve the services offered by public administration through the Cloud and to promote the “Open Government” paradigm through the generation of personalized and innovative services.


The Visual Mashup Editor provides a web-based development environment that makes it possible to create customized apps, starting from the configuration (mashup) of features obtained through APIs (e.g. REST/SOAP) and data, also Open Data, originating from resources already made available by companies and Public Administrations.

The Visual Mashup Editor was used in a number of pilot projects in many cities in Europe, including: Trento (ITA), Lecce (ITA), Bilbao (ESP), Bremerhaven (DEU), Novi Sad (SRB), Santander (ESP) and the Region of Helsinki-Uusimaa (FIN).
Each pilot project involved the many different actors operating as part of the entities that revolve around cities’ public services (companies, administrations, citizens).


Higher involvement of city's stakeholders

Adoption of Open Government models

Higher satisfaction for citizens

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