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Digital management of the procurement of materials

Digital management of the procurement of materials ​

A safe and reliable transportation system relies on efficiently managing the procurement of maintenance materials.

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Our client is one of the leading European companies working in the public transport services, operating both nationally and internationally.
Rail transport is an essential service for the proper functioning of a country, and its efficiency and punctuality are indicators for which citizens demand the highest possible standards. Our client is well aware of this need and, to ensure an optimum service for its passengers, is committed to constantly developing systems and processes that will ensure the reliability and safety of the tens of thousands of trains it operates.


At Engineering, we are trusted partners in this area. Among the various activities undertaken in collaboration with our client we are currently working on the industrial planning process used for managing and quantifying the maintenance materials required for an efficient logistics chain.
In recent years, digital tools and technologies have enabled significant advances to be made with regard to such processes. With the help of our technical specialists, we have therefore played an active part in developing a solution that enables our client to:
  • Calculate its requirements based on a bill of materials.
  • Forecast requirements using statistical models based on historical usage data.
  • Develop simulations and comparisons of the forecasts by modifying certain input data.


The solution that we developed with our experts has enabled our customer to:
- Adopt an integrated approach to the planning and control of its procurement of materials.
- Use forecasting models in its operational activities.
- Arrange and manage information for work at different levels of detail and aggregation.
- Carry out verifications and checks with different levels of authorisation.
- Comply with statutory safety regulations.

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