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Open Fiber:
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Innovative use of Geocall in the assignment of field service operations performed by external companies.

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Open Fiber is an ultra-broadband fiber optic provider which will cover 271 Italian cities and over 6,750 municipalities in the long-term.
By 2020, the Italian Government will have to ensure the installation, supply and operation of broadband services for 85% of the population.
To do this, the government will make use of external companies, which vary according to the geographical area, and their Field Service Management solutions; however, installation works have to be assigned centrally.


Our solution, called "SmartHub" makes it possible to receive reports of faults, reports of anomalies, and requests for connectivity from the operators using the services offered by the business systems with which it is integrated.

SmartHub enables the creation of Work Orders, complementing them with documentation useful for implementing interventions, as well as assigning jobs depending on the contractual availability of external companies and service operators, proceeding with the creation of the intervention schedule. Once the appointment for the intervention assigned to the company has been defined, SmartHub communicates with the companies' Field Service Management systems to transfer information in an immediate way, so that they can organize their own resources.
Through the mobile app, the solution also offers the possibility of calculating the final balance for the execution of works and of carrying out a diagnosis of network operations after repair, ensuring the alignment of the master systems involved in the processes.


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