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Digital Funds management for the Italian Government

Digital Funds management for the Public Administration

Digital Transformation supports the management of European and national funds for the Public Administration.

Approach & Solution



One of the greatest challenges for Public Administrations is to have complete control over data and information, in order to efficiently respond to citizens’ needs.

One of the activities that requires careful monitoring is the management of loan funds at local and central level. We at Engineering are the right partner for the simplification of these processes and for the provision of a 360° monitoring of the different monetary flows and procedures.
In fact, we provide a wide range of technological skills, extensive expertise in the IT sector in relation to the control of Funds and the widespread presence across all levels of Public Administration (Ministries, Regions, Metropolitan Cities).


We integrated the data and information collected from the various institutional activities, which previously were not mapped or distributed, providing a single, end-to-end view of cash flows and loan-related processes: starting from the allocation of funds from national and EU budgets, to the management of data concerning the individual project being financed (financial, procedural, accounting data). All while providing advanced reports and dashboards to easily view the data.

For example, through the module related to the Commercial Receivables, we manage a huge amount of data which originates from the provision of Electronic Invoices to all the administrations and the acquisition of payment orders from SIOPE+. In this way we reduce procedural timeframes.


Increased punctuality in the payment of PA debts

More transparent fund payments to companies

Timely updates of information exchange protocols

Adoption and dissemination of best practices

Easier communication with project owners at European and local level

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics

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