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Smart credit management

Smart credit management

Digital transformation and process automation enables innovation in the management of lending and the production of contractual documents.

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In highly competitive markets such as banking, process innovation is essential for increasing service efficiency and excelling in relation to other market players.
Our client is one of the oldest banks in the world still in operation.
Engineering is a valuable partner for the banking sector thanks to our innovative solutions, such as the proprietary “CLAPS” suite, a modular solution for the end-to-end management of lending.

Among the institutions that have utilised our suite, we are especially pleased to collaborate with our client, which is now at the head of one of Italy’s main banking groups and focuses on services for the retail and commercial sectors, with a particular vocation for serving the family market and SMEs.


In order to respond to the challenges involved in the overall management of lending for these user groups, at Engineering we offer our proprietary modular suite CLAPS. Drawing on our data analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expertise, for the client we have also developed a dedicated solution known as “ELISE” (Extended Loans Integrated System) for managing all the phases involved in granting loans with instalment plans, from the first simulation stages to procedures for the actual payment of the loans.

Through our company process automation technologies, we have enabled the bank to:
  • Automate the production of its contractual documentation.
  • Provide an efficient analytical system to determine TEG (Overall effective rate) and eTAEG (Overall effective annual rate) values.
  • Deploy a workflow-based system for managing post-delivery functionalities.
  • Operate an “open banking” model, with access to the current product portfolio and the calculation algorithms used for loan simulations.


With the help of our proprietary solution, ELISE, we have enabled the bank to benefit from RPA technology and achieve significant improvements in its overall management of lending, because:
- The user is guided promptly through the loan application procedure with the certainty of having complied with the rules applied by the bank and by the sector.
- Processes are more linear and streamlined.
- Risks arising from manual activities are mitigated thanks to the automated production of contractual documentation.

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