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Our DiVE platform and IoT technology to manage the assets monitoring of an important Italian multiutility.

Approach & Solution



Our Client is an entirely public multi-utility company, one of the largest in Italy in terms of size and turnover, both for integrated water services and for environmental services. The company needed an integrated water cycle management system able to be configured with the ongoing infrastructure review and exploit the innovative digital technologies of the Industry 4.0 thread.

In particular, the needs were:
  • Real-time analysis and monitoring of assets
  • Automatic diagnosis of potential failure situations, currently dependent solely on the experience of operators
  • Integration with other IT components of the group for an automatic exchange of information (i.e. management of maintenance interventions to reduce response time).


DiVE, our proprietary platform, provides a complete system of asset monitoring and supervision, performance calculation and predictive analysis based on machine learning algorithms.

Given the versatility of the product, it can be used not only in the industrial sector, but also in the Energy & Utilities field, as in this case.

Specifically, the MAPs, Early Warning and Analytics modules offer real-time monitoring functions as well as machine learning and analytics functions for predictive asset diagnostics. The DiVE solution is also open to integration with existing management systems and thanks to our experience as a system integrator we can provide 360° support to achieve this integration.


Single interface to monitor all information

Improved fault management

Reduction of costs and time of action

Automatic integration with other systems for information exchange

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