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GoSAFE: moving safely everywhere

A “data interoperability standard” to enable citizen mobility across Europe in the COVID-19 era.

Approach & Solution

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Free movement of people in the COVID-19 era is a potential risk but if there were efficient contact tracing procedures in place, people could go back to normality (e.g. travelling, participating in events) and operators (e.g. carriers, hotels) would be able to get back into business.

GoSAFE develops a secure, interoperable and privacy preserving solution, which simplifies contact tracing operation thanks to a digital Personal Locator Form (PLF) based on interoperable data model interpreted uniquely in all European Countries.

GoSAFE allows operators to create their own digital forms for collecting personal locator data. If a COVID-19 case occurs, operators and public authorities can retrieve the PLF data and act with precision and in a timely manner.


The solution includes:
  • #GoSAFE data model (NGSI v.2): interoperable data model for the description of PLF
  • #GoSAFE SDK and open API: to easily embed the PLF fill-in procedure in the already existing applications of travel operators
  • #GoSAFE backend: to easily store the PLF collected in compliance to GDPR (end2end encryption of data is used by default)
  • #GoSAFE mobile APP: a digital wallet allowing travellers to easily manage their PLF on the fly.

Engineering is the Activity Leader and has developed all the software artifacts related to the GoSAFE solution. It has also played a significant role in the creation of the startup which will take care of the commercialization of GoSAFE solution.

The project has received co-funding by EIT Digital in the Digital Wellbeing - Action Line for 2020, specifically under the EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative.


Simplified contact tracing operations

Higher safety

Complete interoperability

Privacy preserving

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