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a new battery for sustainable energy

In a research project for the development of a new organic redox flow battery, we have created an innovative energy management system that optimizes Micro Grids.

Approach & Solution



Micro Grids are revolutionizing the current concept of energy infrastructure: network users now become producers and "sellers" of (renewable) energy, as well as consumers. All the energy produced obviously needs batteries that can accumulate it efficiently. Among these, the redox flow battery is one of the best technologies for this purpose.

However, its use is limited by the high cost, low energy density and poor stability of the currently available electrolytic solutions (vanadium, zinc, etc.).

The GREENERNET project was born to overcome the limits of this technology, and at Engineering we have contributed by developing an innovative energy management system that optimizes energy flow within the Smart Grid.


The aim of GREENERNET project is to evolve a redox flow battery prototype, developed internally for the Micro Grid range, which uses a new organic material (the anthraquinone disulfonate, AQDS), based on quinones, small organic carbon-based molecules readily available in nature and at low cost, similar to the molecules that store energy in plants and animals.

The result is an innovative 10 kW, 40 kWh low cost energy storage system.

The energy management system we have developed within the project optimizes the energy flow within the Smart Grid and is inspired by the electricity management and balancing platform already developed by Engineering during the INGRID FP7 project, co-financed by the EU.

The project is co-funded under the European Union's H2020 programme.


Optimization of energy resources and low environmental impact

Suitable for electric mobility programs in urban contexts

Lower redox batteries management costs

Better management of Smart Grids (networks and smart buildings)

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Cost cutting

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