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Hyundai A/S Analytics Platform: business in the data-driven industry

An integrated platform that manages after-sales data, increasing business productivity.

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As Italian branch of the South Korean car manufacturer, currently Hyundai Motor Company Italy accounts for 3% of the national market.

By recognizing the fundamental role of data and the importance of analyzing it effectively and in a timely manner in order to monitor and guide the business, Hyundai, together with Engineering, started a journey to create a business intelligence platform. This must be capable of providing quick, immediate and extremely flexible access to all the information necessary to monitor and manage the after-sales business.

Our team and the key figures of the company involved in the activities (IT and Business) have analyzed the processes carried out by Hyundai users, with the aim of aggregating and structuring all business data in a single database, facilitating integration with other IT systems and recovering dealer network data directly from their Dealer Management System (DMS). The approach was based on a continuous customer engagement to design the platform in a participatory way, in an environment of total collaboration focused on the needs expressed during the analysis phase.


The solution created with Hyundai Italia was developed starting from an analysis of the after-sales macro-areas, such as Sell-in and Sell-out spare parts, Warranty and Customer Experience.

The platform, appropriately customized for the user, provides for the daily update of data, allows its automatic aggregation and saves time in accessing information. Specifically, through periodic meetings with the company's stakeholders, our team focused on three main issues: data reliability, process efficiency, and the breadth of insight on data.

The A/S Analytics Platform is the solution identified to better address these aspects: it was implemented starting from the integration with Hyundai systems and with the various DMS used by dealers, with the aim of exploiting the collection and qualification automatisms of the data in order to provide reliable, timely and accurate monitoring tools on the main business KPIs.


Integration with company DMS for high data accuracy

Reliable reporting and sell-out KPI

Data Management for Hyundai dealers' network

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