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A research project aimed at exploiting the value of Big Data and offering new services for the entire aeronautical ecosystem.

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We live in the era of Big Data, in which large volumes of data are continuously generated, acquired, archived and managed, providing unique features also for the aviation sector, which is not fully exploiting their value.
Airlines, airports and other service providers continuously produce large amounts of data, but these organizations are fragmented, still operating in silos and relying only on historical data.

For this reason ICARUS is born: a research project aimed at creating a framework that exploits data related to the aviation domain, coming from different sources (historical data, statistics, IoT data, meteorological data and various other open data sources). The objective of the project is to make these data available to companies and organizations operating in the sector.


At Engineering, system integrator and technological partner, we are involved in the entire project design and development and we are responsible for the activities related to the results exploitation plan. We bring our long experience in defining systems and architectures to ICARUS.

The project is validated by 4 partners:
  • Athen International Airport (Greece), for the development of extra services in an integrated airport environment
  • PACE Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology (Germany), which aims to carry out route analysis to optimize fuel consumption and pollution levels
  • the ISI Foundation (Italy), to apply more accurate and realistic forecasting models for the spread of diseases in the aeronautical sector
  • Cellock (Cyprus), for services useful to improve passengers experience.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract n. 780792.


More efficient operations

Better information on planes, airports and passengers

More safety and satisfaction for passengers

Improves the collection and sharing of data and data sources

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