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For twenty years our Change Management team has accompanied the change processes of one of the main Italian energy players.

Approach & Solution



For two decades, one of the main Italian energy suppliers, which manages over 73 million customers globally, has the goal of supporting its people in the change processes generated by the implementations of IT systems.

Through Change Management programs carried out together with our team, the company facilitates the acceptance and learning of new ways of working, allowing employees to approach and manage new technological and organizational conditions with the least possible resistance and greater commitment to the opportunity offered by technological change.


Over the past twenty years, solutions implemented by our Client have led to the development of activities and deliverables in the areas of Organizational Alignment, Communication and Training.

This was achieved through the application of the proprietary Change Management methodology developed by Engineering, which involved in the change and trained approximately 20,000 users. Tailor-made change management programs have been created in synergy with the various technical projects.

Since 2007, the projects have also concerned the foreign affiliates for which the ERP system has been implemented.


20+ years of activity

20,000 users involved and trained

Optimized processes and integrated new working methods

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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