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INFINITY: immersive virtual reality for law enforcement

A flagship project supporting LEAs investigate against society's most pressing cybercriminal and terrorist threats.

Approach & Solution

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Data is needed to prevent crime, to recognise threats and patterns, to identify terrorists, and to find evidence that can lead to prosecution.

However, the challenge EU Law Enforcement Agencies face today is no longer a lack of data, but the need for new technologies and methods to discover and assemble relevant data from the surplus of available information and turn it into a single usable intelligence container that holds all the bits of information with which investigators can build their case.

And this is exactly what INFINITY does, it provides investigators and analysts with state-of-the-art tools to capture, process, visualise and act on the vast and exponential amounts of investigative data they deal with every day before, during and after major criminal and terrorist attacks.
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Synthesising the latest innovations in virtual and augmented reality, AI and ML with Big data and visual analytics, INFINITY delivers for LEAs an integrated solution for data-driven investigations providing investigators with an immersive collaborative environment characterised by on-the-fly suggestions, data pre-fetching, automated analysis and visualisation of recommendations, where collaborators - co-located and remotely - can cooperate in a way they have never done before, looking at the entire workflow, from incident to court, while ensuring the chain of custody. Engineering leads the design of the System Architecture and the integration activities.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 883293


Cutting-edge tools to acquire, visualise and act upon data

Immersive collaborative environment

End- user-driven design

Management of enormous quantities of data

Design and development of cognitive research, and instinctive interfaces

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