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Collaborative innovation towards Industry 4.0

Collaborative innovation towards Industry 4.0

A digital platform connects companies' skills, technologies and knowledge for supporting the transition to the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Approach & Solution

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Networks for innovation are an increasing trend nowadays. The European Union, for example, is investing heavily in this direction and, in particular, on the creation of a pan-European network of digital innovation poles, consisting of a Digital Innovation Hubs and Competence Centers. The aim is to connect strategic partners and support them in the transition towards an Industry 4.0 production system.

We at Engineering have fully grasped the relevance of this trend and we have developed the collaborative platform, called "DIHIWARE", which aims at supporting the interaction between the parties involved providing dedicated services.


The platform is a "one-stop-shop" that enhances the collaboration between organizations and users. It is based on a "social" concept in order to enable open innovation and encourage the sharing of knowledge, skills, new technologies, new services and products, sources of financing.

The modular architecture permits maximum integration and flexibility in the delivery of primary application components (content & document management, social collaboration, instant messaging) with B2B applications (IT Asset Catalog, Marketplace) and services dedicated to Collaborative Decision Making (idea management system, multi polls and weight up decision).


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