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Sixty days to build the new digital architecture of a leading telecommunications company in Brazil. Scalable, resilient and flexible.

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Our client is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil. In order to meet diverse needs in digital business areas, it sought to implement a microservices-based architecture to offer agility, scalability and better performance.
Furthermore, there was a need to share data with partner companies (such as value added service (VAS) providers, OTTs and Call Center companies) for the creation of new digital products.


In just 60 days, we built the company's new digital architecture following an agile methodology. We developed 40 microservices/APIs taking into account their relative importance in terms of volume, criticality or of a specific business need. In addition to the microservices-based digital architecture, we created a "base mirror" with key customer information (active services, products, history, activity cycle, etc.), thus ensuring an all-round view of the customer.

In technical terms, we built an API management stack, microservices, containers, analytics and automation, using agile concepts like Scrum and DevOps and disruptive technologies and approaches such as the Microservices architecture, Oracle GoldenGate, API Kong, Docker Swarm, RedHat jBPM, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logistash, Kibana), Rabbit MQ, Jenkins, etc.


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