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Intesa San Paolo: Big Financial Data

Intesa San Paolo:
Big Financial Data

Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of complex data processing through Digital Transformation.

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Quality, security and accuracy in data management are essential for a credit institution, since it is responsible for the enormous amount of sensible information belonging to its customers. At the same time it is important to process data in such a way as to make them quickly distributable and easily accessible.

Intesa San Paolo, managing its 11 million customers' data, is well aware of this necessity and launched the "Big Financial Data" project.
The project consists in the development of new single governance system of legacy data, to optimize the existing procedures and to reach higher levels of efficiency.


The objectives of Intesa San Paolo were met thanks to our "DATAELL" proprietary platform, specialized in Data Governance.
The solution we provided includes:
  • Advanced Data Governance functionalities, with automatic detection of data and processes
  • Adoption of third party platforms, which ensure distributed computing, parallel processing and in-memory database
  • User-friendly interface that also includes the use of advanced graph browsing techniques
  • Automatic generation of process documentation.
  • Data Lineage functionalities, ensuring the management of past entities and processing rules, with the possibility of re-executing transformations of data.
  • Control of data quality and possibility of investigating any anomaly, cross to different processing phases.


Complete access to data from other applications

Optimization of Big Data processing time

Optimized Data Governance

Advanced semantics recognition of data

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