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IoT energy measurement

IoT energy measurement

Innovative tools and technologies for measuring energy efficiency make the end consumer more aware of their energy consumption.

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Today, being able to access data and information in real time and with the highest level of detail, is a critical success factor for understanding the real needs of consumers. A scenario that cuts across different market sectors.

In the context of green energy, many European leading energy suppliers (and not only) have expressed the need to enable this process with innovative solutions.

We have utilized our data collection and processing skills and technologies, starting with the installation of an economical and simple sensor that measures aggregated energy in the end customer's home.
The data collected is transferred to a central server that executes special load disaggregation algorithms, analyzes data to identify consumption for the single device used by the customer and provides customized reports for end customers.


Our project has helped create an example of a B2B2C (Business-2-Business-2-Consumer) solution that generates direct benefits for both our company customers and for end consumers of energy:
  • We supply end consumers of energy with technologies to stimulate greater awareness in the management of consumption inside their own home.
  • We supply business side partners with technologies and expertise to innovate the offer of services and products for consumers (tariffs, devices and appliances, services) and thus to create greater value.


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