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IoT energy measurement

Home EnergIA:
IoT energy measurement

An innovative, patented electric socket for measuring energy efficiency with advanced algorithms: end consumers are now aware of their consumption, saving energy resources.

Approach & Solution



Today, being able to access data and information in real time and with the highest level of detail, is a critical success factor for understanding the real needs of consumers. A scenario that cuts across different market sectors.

In the context of green energy, many European leading energy suppliers (and others) have expressed the need to support this process with innovative solutions. The aim is to provide new products and services for consumers (tariffs, devices and appliances, services) and thus create greater value.


The solution consists in "Home EnergIA", an electric socket, that we patented, which detects data related to the energy consumption for every device used by the customer. The data collected is transferred to a central server that executes advanced machine learning algorithms used for load disaggregation and for the identification of the consumption related to the every single device. Then, the system analyzes the data to identify consumption and provides customized reports for end customers.

Our B2B2C solution is composed by:
  • A platform that collects data and allows to visualize it.
  • A software installed on the IoT device, to reduce the amount of data uploaded to the Cloud.
  • Advanced Machine Learning algorithms.
  • The database which stores the data related to every single device.


No negative impact on quality of life

Higher awareness on energy consumption

New opportunities for energy providers

20-30% potential reduction of energy consumption

Project Value

Cost cutting

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