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Every day, our technologies serve travellers to facilitate the payment process and optimise the use of available data.

Approach & Solution



The growing number of cars on the road and the need for a fast and agile transport increase the corresponding need for tools that optimize everyone’s driving experience.

To address this problem, our Client provides a device to be installed “On-board” their vehicles that simplifies the payment process for motorway tolls, parking and transit in paid areas.

An increasingly essential service, used today by millions of drivers.


At Engineering, we supported the company in its core business, becoming a reference point for the full range of services associated with the development of electronic payment procedures and support processes.

The payment process is characterised by a particularly complex system that requires elaborate measurements related to:
  • Numerous transit toll booths.
  • Different types of users.
  • Various invoicing fees.
  • Multiple interfaces.
  • External applications to interact with.

A complexity that we, at Engineering, have managed by capitalising on our extensive knowledge of mobility-related processes and technologies.


Less waiting times at the tollbooth for travellers

Less environmental impact due to stops

Greater efficiency of the motorway network

Millions of active users

Easier payment system for travellers

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics

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