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Leonori SpA:
road to customer centricity

Mapping the current CRM processes, we identified a new customer management system for the dealer, improving their sales performance.

Approach & Solution



Providing specialist advice to capture current Customer Relationship Management, mapping related processes and identifying areas for improvement, to define the adoption of a new CRM system during 2020.

It is with this objective that Leonori, one of the main dealers in Rome, asked for our support, which, after a period of analysis, identified a new Customer Relationship Management system capable of optimizing the management of prospects and customers and, consequently, to increase the dealer's economic results.


Engineering's team, together with key dealer's figures involved in CRM activities, analyzed and mapped current lead, marketing, sales and after-sales management processes at Leonori. The activity was carried out with a three-day workshop, involving dealer's staff in charge of CRM activities.

Through interactive tools such as surveys, gamification activities, individual and collective interviews, we shared current processes and business priorities in the field of Customer Relationship Management during several meetings, until we identified the correct characteristics of the new management system to implement.


Best practices and standardized processes for the adoption of a new CRM tool

Improvement in sharing information between all departments

A clear picture of the AS-IS processes

Project value

Cost cutting

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