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Liquigas: a complete digital evolution

Implementing SAP on our Client's information systems, improving data intelligence and customer management.

Approach & Solution



Nowadays, the adoption of innovative information systems is a need that organisations cannot afford to ignore, both when these focus on internal use, to facilitate operational activities, and on external use, to ensure a positive interaction with the customer.

In response to these needs, we supported Liquigas, a company belonging to SHV Energy Group, operating in the marketing and sale of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), with 60,000 employees worldwide.

In particular, we partnered with Liquigas to:
  • Implement the company’s new information system.
  • Renew the business intelligence and CRM environments.
  • Integrate key satellite systems.
  • Digitise critical business processes.
  • Build a positive experience for Liquigas’ final customers.


Taking into account the services delivered to the customer, we at Engineering have:
  • Designed the architectural landscape of information systems.
  • Supported the deployment of the architectural design.
  • Reviewed critical business processes across the different project platforms.
  • Carried out system set up, customer management, interface reporting.
  • Delivered various environments and software solutions.
  • Ensured post go-live support.

All while guaranteeing full continuity, without causing any outages or disruptions to business activities during the switch on new systems.


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