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New loyalty & payment services in the oil sector

New loyalty & payment services in the oil sector

Adopting innovation for Italian fuel cards: the case of a leading oil company.

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Integrating IT systems and processes of different companies belonging to major organizational groups is a delicate activity, yet increasingly frequent. It embraces several fields and requires great precision and skills, particularly in the IT area, where our Engineering team has an extensive experience.

We recently supported one of the largest oil companies in Italy, a long standing client of ours, when, after being acquired, the buyer company decided to migrate its electronic points collection programme with that of our client.

The challenging project that entailed managing customer's Loyalty and Payment services, integrating more than 2 million active cardholders, 3.500 POS devices and over 5.000 sales points.


The project led by Engineering evolved the management of our client's Loyalty & Payment services, also by implementing our Hycards proprietary solution. In detail, with respect to:
  • Loyalty area, we developed a new integrated electronic points collection programme, which allows the real-time collection of promo points, fuel discounts, and phone call minutes. The customer can now choose also a digital fuel card, which can be read through smartphone in all sales points.
  • Payment area, we managed the migration of all banking payments and fuel cards, creating a single payment system and integrating third party hardwares.

The project has been carried out by ensuring continuity for all activities carried out by service station operators, cardholders and partner companies.


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Increase in the number of “regular” customers

Single digital payment system for the entire network

Improved cross-selling management

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