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MAIA - Security is onboard

MAIA - Security is onboard

A research and innovation project aimed at analyzing a new solution for monitoring the cyber and physical security of railway infrastructures.

Approach & Solution



One of the biggest challenges and priorities for managers of railway lines is to effectively monitor and protect their vast infrastructures, not only from a technical and physical point of view, but also in terms of Cybersecurity.

Current monitoring solutions are not sufficient yet: most inspections on rail infrastructures are still carried out by operators through manual inspections.

The MAIA project addresses the need to effectively manage infrastructure monitoring and protection through innovative ICT solutions, in order to guarantee high standards of safety and reliability.


Our solution will provide valuable support for decision-making processes and infrastructure monitoring, for a systemic and comprehensive vision of the operational status and transport safety.
In particular, our solution will facilitate:
  • Real-time and remote monitoring and control, thanks to the potential offered by the Internet of Things.
  • A better ability to analyse large amounts of diverse data, relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics.
  • The introduction of new technologies to detect cyber threats and anomalies, currently not available in the railway sector.
MAIA will rely on the use of on-board diagnostic systems, for an immersive view of the infrastructure, and a mobile diagnostic service through the use of drones.

The project is funded by PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020 Funds and by the FSC (Development and Cohesion Fund).


Decision-making support for critical events

More effective threat identification

Enhanced prevention capacity

Accurate assessment of safety and risk

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