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Safety first: optimizing maintenance of railway infrastructure through the use of new technologies.

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Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), the Italian State Railways Group company that operates the Italian railway infrastructure, with about 16,000 km of network and thousands of stations throughout the country, ensures the safety and efficiency of circulation over the entire network.

RFI goals were clear and we at Engineering provided major support in helping RFI achieve them. These were:
  • Re-engineering of the procedures for the allocation of maintenance and final accounting to operational teams.
  • Enhancing the exchange of information between work center and maintenance staff.
  • Facilitating and simplifying the activities of teams during maintenance operations.


To meet these needs we developed the I-MAN system that enables RFI to:
  • Manage the processes of assigning activities to teams, directly displayed on a mobile app.
  • Access the technical documentation for each individual activity and the quality indicators envisaged.
  • Calculate the work done by sending photos and communicating with the operations center through an instant messaging system.
  • Check the status of field activities in real time, approve the interventions carried out and validate quality measures.

I-MAN is based on "Geocall" SaaS solution by OverIT, designed to facilitate workforce management and provide field support.
Moreover, the solution integrates perfectly with the SAP systems of RFI which allow an exchange of information on activities between operators and Territorial Operational Rooms.


Safer rail network and more efficient activities

Real time monitoring of activities

working for 10,000 maintenance workers

Maintenance on more than 16,000 km of railway lines

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Cost cutting
Process performance

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