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With our platform mobile operators innovate micropayments management improving the customer experience.

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The digital services market is growing steadily and many sectors are seeking to ride this trend in order to provide state-of-the-art services and attract new customers. These include mobile network operators who are increasingly approaching the digital services market and creating synergies with skills and resources already available to them. The goal is to build stronger relations with the end customer, providing a service in step with the times that improves the customer experience. This is why we created our M-Payment platform, a hub that manages sales and payment processes for digital services through the phone credit of the end customer. Since it is integrated with the main payment circuits, it enables and speeds up end user transactions.


Our platform interfaces with the network/IT infrastructures of all operators for the management of:
  • Invoicing: compliance with Premium SMS technologies, VAS, WAP, direct and in-application invoicing.
  • Supplying: compliance with the management processes of customers and of the user profiles requested by operators.
  • User authentication: continuous retrieval of the unique number associated with a telephone contract through operator authentication mechanisms.
  • Messaging: interfacing with all operator protocols (UCP, MAM, SMPP, SPAI).

In addition, content providers are connected directly to the M-Payment platform through which they can send requests for activation and payment of digital services.


35 content service providers

Separation between mobile operators and external suppliers

2 million accesses to the payment pages per day

60 million pricing transactions per year

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