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A leading cruise line increases its business by optimizing User Experience

By integrating its IT systems with Dynatrace, our Client improves the UX of its online customers.

Approach & Solution



Our Client's goal was to strengthen its digital presence, especially on online booking channels, delivering its offering among the 45 countries. Currently, our Client uses 28 e-commerce sites, available for 100 different nationalities, and also observes a strong presence on social networks, with over 4 million contacts.

With an increasingly demanding customer base with respect to UX, it was extremely important to understand and monitor the experience perceived by its customers, assessing the overall quality (e.g. response time, requested information, booking completion levels, customer satisfaction).


Engineering D.HUB supported our Client in selecting a best-fit technology solution according to its needs: Dynatrace's Digital Performance Management. We also supported the execution of the project, demonstrating remarkable knowledge of IT solutions involved and a solid vision of how Dynatrace products can be integrated with our Client's IT systems.

The solution implemented by Engineering D.HUB enables our Client to gain a clear visibility of the User Experience, with dedicated reports and dashboards, and to promote immediate actions, identifying and solving complex problems in real time.


Complete integration of IT infrastructure

Strong customer satisfaction

Increased Client's business by improving UX

Deep understanding of User Experience

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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