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New technologies for smart railway

New technologies
for smart railways

We are ensuring the safety of passengers with new tools for controlling and monitoring the technical equipment used in tunnels.

Approach & Solution



The task of managing tens of thousands of kilometers of tracks, tunnels and stations requires state-of-the-art tools for monitoring infrastructure and rail traffic – tools that are useful to constantly ensure the safety of passengers and goods in transit.

At Engineering, we have deployed our consolidated system integration skills in the smart transportation sector for the development of innovative solutions for the company, aimed at modernizing obsolete tunnels control and monitoring systems.


In particular, our specialists have supported the company in replacing outmoded hardware systems and have completely rewritten the software applications used, so as to integrate them with central supervision and control systems.

The project has led to the complete renewal of all the technological equipments used in tunnels, from the lighting and the power line energy supply to the set of devices that ensure safety within tunnels, such as emergency telephones and fire protection and ventilation systems.

With our project, we are enabling the company to use these security systems both in situ – by rail traffic managers – and by a central operations room that monitors tunnels remotely within its geographical territory.


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