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In the NEXI Group, some operations are no longer routine

Thanks to RPA technology we have automated the entire fraud management process for NEXI, reducing processing times by more than 80%.

Approach & Solution



NEXI group was born in 2017 from the merger of ICBI (Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane) and CartaSi. NEXI offers digital payment solutions and payment acceptance services, targeting both private and public clients and managing more than 40 million payment cards.
Moreover, NEXI provides customer service, debt collection and telemarketing through Helpline, its proprietary contact center (operating 24/7), which includes 500 employees managing 650.000 calls a month.

The Back Office, which is focused on the credit cards fraud management, needed to improve its operating efficiency, reducing low-value-added and repetitive tasks that can affect the analysis on "alerts" sent to agents. In this way, it was possible to reduce the tension imposed by pressing SLAs (Service Level Agreement).


Engineering D.HUB followed an approach based on consolidated phases and methodologies, exploiting its strong experience on RPA technology (Robotic Process Automation) in order to define the project feasibility, benefits and KPIs.
The solution has been developed using NICE platform to automate the “wrap-up” phase of the entire credit cards Fraud Management process, including the following activities:
  • Data entry (including tickets), database entry and creation/sending of email claims.
  • Cards suspensions, including warnings about those cards whose suspension are expiring.
  • Information material about the individual case and its outcome, including the sending of the e-mail to the appointed agent who decides if the outcome of the wrap-up phase is satisfying or not.


Agents can manage more alerts (around 8000/month)

Compliance to planned SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Improved employees’ satisfaction

Reduced repetitive operations carried out by employees

Reduced processing time (-82%)

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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