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Our Data Retention solution to innovate the privacy, storage and data protection processes of an important telecommunication operator.

Approach & Solution



We are living in a hyperconnected world, in which we continuosly share our data and information. Telecommunication operators are enabling this phenomenon and should ensure a safe and proper management of these data, in compliance with the changes in legislation.

In the context of national security, regulatory changes have extended the retention of telephone data to 6 years, creating technological and organizational challenges for telephone operators.
Leveraging our decades of experience in the field of telecommunications and deep technological expertise in Compliance and Cybersecurity, we implemented a new innovative Data Retention solution.


The conditions set by the customer, and which we met, included:
  • Design of a resilient, scalable and optimized technological infrastructure from the point of view of retention costs.
  • Construction of a new application that satisfies specific use cases and optimizes the operational costs of security.
  • Total compliance with current legislation in terms of security and privacy.

Built and released in compliance with the strict deadlines requested by the customer, the solution significantly reduced the overall risk associated with data release, enabling an innovative prototype approach of great added value for the customer.


Reduction of operational costs

Greater efficiency in meeting the requests of the authorities

Improvement in request processing time

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