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OEDIPUS: European Network of Innovation Centers

European Network of Innovation Centers

Project aimed at creating a European network of Innovation Centers to enhance the adoption of models and technologies which enable Industry 4.0.

Approach & Solution



Today Europe is facing a very complex scenario and one of the best ways to maintain its competitiveness is to promote innovation and collaboration between organizations.

For this reason, OEDIPUS HII (High Impact Initiative), aims at building a European network of Innovation Centers (I-Centers) that are connected through collaborative platforms on the cloud. This initiative will enable Small and Medium Enterprises to approach Industry 4.0 technologies and test their innovative processes in a protected, secure and risk-free environment.

We will be focused on Data Analytics services related to the production plant and to Mobile Robot Condition & Monitoring, with pilot tests in collaboration with major enterprises such as FCA and Centro Ricerche Fiat.


We developed three solutions:
  • i-Cknow (Innovation and Collaboration): a collaboration Platform, asset repository and competences "marketplace" to enhance collaboration between employees and collective intelligence in an extended multidisciplinary ecosystem.
  • DIDA (Digital Industry Data Analytics) Platform: it integrates components from several Open Source projects such as FIWARE, APACHE and KNOWAGE for Industry 4.0 Data Analytics.
  • FI-Mind Bridge: it connects Siemens MindSphere and FIWARE with three levels of interoperability (sensors-platform-application) and enriches data coming from the shop floor with context data and information from legacy systems.

The project has received co-funding from EIT Digital.


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Enriching data from different sources

Accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies

Boosting innovation with low risk

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