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Optimization of digital sales channels

Modernized, cloud-based and monitored digital sales channel to improve quality of applications and user experience.

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With over 3 million customers, our Client is one of Europe’s leading tour operators. The level of satisfaction of its customers, has always been one of our Client's priorities.

Thus, for business-critical sales channels (B2B & B2C), the Client decided to completely redefine the monitoring of its technological platforms, by adopting an innovative solution, abandoning the existing infrastructural-based monitoring solution and focusing on user experience.

Our Client was looking for a partner able to lead its change, able to guarantee not only system integration activities but also continuous and proactive management services.


Engineering D.HUB, the Engineering's company for outsourcing and migration to Cloud services, collaborated with the Client across various phases: design, implementation, launch and continuous optimization of the new solution, including the following macro-activities:
  • Dynatrace Platform: implementation of OneAgent, Security Gateway & End-User Monitoring solutions, delivered in SaaS mode.
  • Process System Integration: analysis and integration of B2B and B2C business processes inside the new monitoring platform.
  • Application Remote Proactive Monitoring service: H24x7x365 monitoring for a period of 33 months, provided by the Pont-Saint-Martin service center.


Better control of business KPIs.

Clear and precise reports.

Modernized, agile and flexible platform.

Positive impact on performance and costs.

Reduced time to market for new solutions.

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