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Outsourcing for Industry 4.0

Outsourcing for Industry 4.0

We are digitally transforming systems and making processes more efficient for the IT fleet of one of Italy's largest companies.

Approach & Solution



A high-profile Italian multinational in the energy sector has chosen Engineering D.HUB, our group company specialising in outsourcing and IT facilities management, to manage “IaaS” and “PaaS” services for its entire IT infrastructure.

The infrastructure is based on a wide range of technologies and it is supported by a structured governance model, thanks to which we have immediately taken on board the company’s requirements, monitoring, evaluating and turning them into concrete actions.


The organisational structure ensures that technical staff can be deployed, both on site and remotely at the delivery centres, through the creation of operating units coordinated by specific contacts.
The staff provide 24/7 coverage and perform tasks in line with a delivery model that ensures maximum reliability and service continuity for both project-related and continuous activities. The almost 100 full-time employees can provide skills and experience in multiple areas, including:
  • IaaS
  • Back-up
  • Tools
  • Storage
  • Identity services
  • Unified communication services
  • Operating system management.

We also provided an extended on-demand team to cope with peaks in the workload and to offer greater production capacity.


58,000 mailboxes

1,500 service requests per month

4,000 incidents resolutions per month

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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Project Team

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