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First-class outsourcing with Engineering

First-class outsourcing with Engineering

A large company entrusts its data and the management of its IT infrastructure to our experts and Data Center.

Approach & Solution



Our Client is among the major Italian industrial groups specializing in large construction projects, in more than 50 countries and accounting more than 30.000 employees.
Our Client is continuously evolving and recently experienced the transformation of its corporate structure and operational organization, focusing on innovation and processes optimization.

To properly manage this complex challenge, the Client decided to completely outsource its IT architecture.
The project included the consolidation and transformation of its three current Data Centers to a single primary site: our data center located in Pont-Saint-Martin, ensuring a complete, end-to-end service.


Consolidating and migrating data from three Data Centers involved the rationalization and standardization of the main Service Towers infrastructures: SAP, Citrix, Mail Services, ed Applications. For each tower we defined a clear strategy and approach to the migration, taking into consideration different technologies and practices involved. We hence reduced the impact on service performance, which was not interrupted during the transition, and we respected the scheduled lifetime of the execution phase (6 months).

Our solution allows to choose between a private or public cloud service, leveraging the multi-cloud D.HUB approach. In this way, the Client can select the best way to meet all its future needs related to IT management and IT services evolution. Finally, we have made it possible to consider IT operations as Operational Expenses (OpEx), no longer as CapEx (Capital Expense), following the "As a Service" paradigm.


Costs optimization for the Client (from CapEx to OpEx)

Quick conclusion of the project, respecting the schedule

Harmonization of processes, tools and procedures

Better Data Recovery performances (RTO/RPO)

Migration of three Data Centers

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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