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Packaging Materials: new digital management

Packaging Materials: new digital management

An innovative Warehouse Management platform oriented to the Packaging Materials.

Approach & Solution



Our client is one of the most relevant coffee producers worldwide, leader in the Italian retail market with a share of 48%.
The new project required the realization of a Warehouse Management platform oriented to the Packaging Materials of its own productive plants.


The proposed solution consisted in the realization of an SAP Warehouse Management system that provided a new strategic vision to the physical management of the Packaging Materials.
Furthermore, the integration with the other processes enabled the client to improve the overall performance of the procurement and production of goods.
The solution foresaw the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology on each product, to improve efficiency in the different phases of the warehouse processes.


Integration with the production chain

Supporting procurement decision makers

Optimal management of the warehouse

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Process performance

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