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Prysmian: a new digital frontier for Field Service

Based on SPACE1 PG Connect enables the world leader in electrical cables to connect field operators, on-site experts and external customers.

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The limitations imposed by the Covid-19 crisis, especially those related to travel between different countries, has led many companies to review their work organizations.
Prysmian is a world leader in the production of cables for electricity transmission and telecommunications, with over 30,000 employees in 50 countries and 112 production plants. To overcome the critical issues that emerged from the pandemic, the Group needed to provide its customers with an efficient, sustainable and holistic tool to involve them remotely in the testing processes of their products as if they were present in person.

Prysmian was also looking for a tool that, by digitizing Field Service operations, would connect field operators with internal experts, so as to support and improve quality assurance operations and the training of plant technicians on the use of plant resources when launching new product lines.


Based on OverIT's SPACE1 Extended Presentation solution, PG Connect offers state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Using the Augmented Reality capabilities of SPACE1 and a RealWear Head Mounted tablet, the operator in the field (Prysmian Presenter) shares his point of view with external customers and shows, in real time, the execution of the tests on cable systems. In the meantime, another operator (Prysmian Expert) can operate from the back-end, supporting the Presenter with their skills and, thanks to the combination of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence provided by SPACE1, can share documentation, multimedia content and knowledge, thus enriching the presentation for all customers present

. The solution will be used in all 112 Group plants and by more than 200 users simultaneously.


Secure sharing of documentation

Advanced quality controls

Improved customer engagement

Effective management and sharing of knowledge

Optimized training of resources

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