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Persidera: the network for digital Italy

Our expertise in support of the Italian television network: a data-driven architecture and specialized skills for the management of digital media.

Approach & Solution



Persidera, among the major Italian television operators, is the result of a joint venture between TIMB (TIM Group) and Rete A (L'Espresso Group) and currently operates five national digital multiplexes. Our customer offers various services and our task was to support its main activities by providing specific skills in the Media world, but also IT skills through SOGEIT, our company specialized in the development of ICT standard and custom products and solutions, management consulting services and System Integration.
The services provided by the customer include:
  • Dissemination of Digital Terrestrial Television and Internet Protocol Television
  • Playout
  • Media Management
  • Emission Control
  • Live Events
  • Connectivity and multimedia services


Our customer needed a single partner to support these services, also providing services of Incident Management, Change Management, Continuous Improvement, Data Breach, Vulnerability Assessment and Copyright Infringement to be contextualized in a Security Operation Center (SOC) or a Network Operation Center (NOC).
The planning strategy was immediately directed towards the creation of a multi-skill team able to simultaneously ensure quality and sustainability for the service. This goal was achieved through capillary recruitment, specific training and cross training.
To date, Sogeit Solutions manages for Persidera:
  • Various channels used in Playout, Media Management and Live Events.
  • A Tier 4 Data Center in Rome with 80 Physical servers and 250 Virtual servers.
  • A Disaster Recovery center in Milan.


Management of 20 PB data in a Tier 4 Data Center

Management of 62 TV channels

8 years of coworking and Exchange of skills

application security

Project value

Cost cutting

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