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Leveraging the Blockchain technology we guarantee energy flexibility and a safe monitoring of consumption, putting the user at the heart of the network.

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Energy transition requires innovative tools. Indeed, the increasing use of renewable energy, based on the variable generation of energy combined with increasingly less predictable consumption, requires better monitoring and network flexibility.In response to this challenge, Engineering participates to the design and development of PlatOne - Platform for Operation of distribution networks - a project that aims to increase the flexibility of the energy network to cope with the variability of supply and demand for electricity.

PlatOne will follow a "user centric" approach, placing users at the centre of the network and exploring their needs and expectations. Moreover, the solution will be tested on 3 large pilots in Europe,  including one in Italy coordinated by Acea, and analysed in collaboration with a major research initiative in Canada.


Platone will be coordinated by RWTH Aachen University in Germany and Engineering is leading the design and development of a technological solution based on Blockchain, which can optimise the energy network by adapting it to the ever-increasing penetration of energy from renewable sources and from electric heating, cooling and mobility systems.

Engineering has a relevant role in the creation of the Blockchain based platform, since we will elaborate the general requirements and the architecture design, define the platform specifications, work on scalability and on the development of innovative services, such as the Peer to Peer energy exchange between users. In fact, thanks to the Blockchain, the traditional access barriers can be overcome and all the players in the network will rely on certified measures.

In full compliance with the regulatory framework: a stratified set of platforms will meet the needs of system operators, aggregators and users.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 program - Contract No. 864300


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Higher flexibility in energy management

Users are at the center of the network

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