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Playing On the Cloud

Playing On the Cloud

Expanding the portfolio of entertainment contents and digital services for one of the largest telecommunication companies worldwide.

Approach & Solution



A multinational company leader in the telecommunications industry, with more than 50000 employees, tens of milions of clients and more than 20 billion revenues undertook the task of innovating its offer of multimedia content and digital services with a proposal for Cloud gaming. The result features a high-quality User Experience that can be enjoyed in streaming mode directly from home televisions.
A rich catalog of games streaming directly from the home TV: a new entertainment service for the consumer market.


Our team of experts supported the company in overcoming many of their biggest technological limitations, such as network latency, poor video quality and lack of adaptability of games to the cloud infrastructure.
We helped integrate innovative products and services in order to complete the functionality of our product, including:
  • A cloud-enabled gaming platform that provides fundamental and transversal functionalities produced by the Spanish start-up Playgiga
  • Our application with Android TV operating system for enjoying the catalog on the HDMI Set-Top Box device
  • Our Cloud-farm infrastructure, with which we provide services to end users throughout Italy
  • Gamepad gaming devices created with a Korean manufacturing partner
  • End-to-end performance tests that ensure the response times required for a high-quality user experience.


Better Media Convergence

Increase of revenue obtained from each customer

Positive exchange of technological competencies

Project Value


Enabling Technologies


Our Products & Other Technologies

PlayGiga Cloud Gaming Platform
Anguar JS, Drupal CMS, Kong API Gateway
Mongo DB
Kibana Elastic Search
SpringBoot Framework

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