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A research project aimed at facing cities' social and technological challenges, with a collaborative approach.

Approach & Solution



The path to transform cities into Smart Cities cannot be done by municipalities alone. It is necessary to create large-scale projects that can involve all the various stakeholders (organizations / companies / institutions) of the cities and citizens too, to propose innovative solutions based on the real needs of the communities.

Polis 2020 was born exactly for this reason, it is a research project aimed at creating a platform that provides city decision-makers, citizens and public officials with technological and methodological tools that can foster the interaction between them and the development of new solutions for cities. In this way, it is possible to enhance the digital transformation of the city, through open innovation processes and with the continuous involvement of many stakeholders.


The project develops innovative tools which fall into four main dimensions.
Tools related to the Social Dimension:
  • to collect and analyse ideas and territorial needs
  • to participate to decisions concerning the city
  • to provide citizens with multi-channel services.
Tools related to the Administrative dimension:
  • to simplify Public Administration's processes
  • to model, manage and evaluate processes open to multiple stakeholders.
Tools related to the economic dimension:
  • to create a dynamic environment from an economic point of view
  • to define and simulate complex sustainability models.
Tools related to the Physical Dimension:
  • for the collection, exploration, processing and analysis of data
  • for the display, segmentation and use of information.

P.O. PUGLIA FESR 2014-2020, Asse prioritario I Obiettivo 1a Azione 1.1 (R&S), ai sensi del Regolamento n. 17 del 30.09.2014 – Titolo II Capo 1


Support for public decision makers

Support for civil servants in their daily work

Easy visualization, analysis and exploitation of territorial data and information

Improving processes efficiency

Citizens can actively support decisions related to the city

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics

Project Team

Research & Innovation