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Prevent PCP: advanced systems to support security in public transport

This research project aims to solve main EU public transport common security threats and challenges through the development of prototypes validated in operational environment.

Approach & Solution

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The terrorist attacks that have occurred in recent years in Europe have often had urban public transport as the first target to hit a large number of civilians. Based on the outcomes of its predecessor PREVENENT, the PREVENT PCP project consolidates commonly agreed security scenarios through a phased Pre-Commercial Procurement composed of solution design, prototype development, and validation in operational environment.

The challenge is to propose innovative solutions to solve the EU common security threat of Unattended Items and bring them to market readiness level. PREVENT PCP involves 13 public buyers coming from 6 different EU countries and will validate 2 different prototypes in 4 pilots: France, Spain, Portugal and Greece.
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PREVENT PCP will endow Transport Operators with innovative security solutions.

The project manages a phased Pre-Commercial Procurement through:
  1. setup of tendering documentation
  2. execution of of call for tenders for R&D services
  3. competitive development of prototypes: solution design, technical development, and validation in operational environment
  4. conclusions, recommendations, and strategy for future uptake.

Engineering coordinates the project and delivers a solution for the evaluation and validation of the prototypes in operational environment based on specific KPIs and assessment criteria.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 101020374.


Timely automatic detection of potentially dangerous unattended items

Fast & precise identification and tracking of perpetrators

More effective crisis management

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