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RPA and Banking Processes: a mix of efficiency

RPA and Banking Processes: a mix of efficiency

Using Robotic Process Automation we bring our customers' processes to new levels of efficiency and precision.

Approach & Solution

RPA bank


Our Client is a Bank that is part of one of the largest Italian Banking Groups, born with a peculiar and multi-channel approach, characterized by a strong digital and consulting focus.
Our Client's goal was to optimize processes characterized by repetitive manual operations and low added value. The technology that properly fits this type of need is RPA - Robotics Process Automation -, which has been applied in two distinct processes:
  • Successions management, which had an undefined procedural flow producing inefficiencies when performed by inexperienced users, did not have updated guidelines and often failed to meet the necessary requirements.
  • Securities Transfer, which was characterized by high costs for the management of the procedures.


Our Engineering D.HUB team strengthened by its expertise in the use of RPA, supported the Client in transforming its processes. In particular, with respect to:
  • Successions management, we developed an automatic workflow, interacting with the Bank's management software, 3270 terminal, Office and Outlook environments. The solution allowed to eliminate errors and procedures interruption, to centralize requests management, processing queues, big data and notifications.
  • Securities Transfer, we provided an automatic workflow to autonomously manage all the processing phases of the practices related to different internal and external business applications (SECNEW Desk, 3270 terminal, Back Office portal, DocBank).


100% automated Successions Management

Reduction of errors and higher precision

Succession Management process reduced to 25-30 min

Securities Transfer process reduced from 6 minutes to 13 seconds

Reduction of repetitive and low-value-added procedures

Project value

Process performance

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Project Team

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