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Medical production and digital factory

Medical production and digital factory

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The customer company is a world leader in the production of artificial orthopedic joints such as for hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, foot and ankle. It has manufacturing facilities in America, Switzerland, China and many other countries in the world. The customer expressed the need to introduce a virtual system of tool management and a unified post-processor code management system at enterprise level. For regulated industries it is essential to have complete traceability of everything that happens during the production process. The most demanding challenge concerned management of production data related to tools and fasteners.


Taking advantage of the Siemens Teamcenter Manufacturing and Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) applications, we boosted a real fourth industrial revolution for the customer, developing a management system that coordinates all production plants in the world.
We designed, implemented and integrated a solution for an efficient digital factory capable of standardizing, managing and classifying master data for cutting tools, fasteners, machines and post-processors, while virtualizing tool management. With our experts we also implemented a classification system for storing and using the company's post-processors globally.


Our project helped create a worldwide standardized Digital Manufacturing environment, contributing to improvement of profits and reduction of losses with a solution that makes it possible to:
- Increase data accuracy by increasing productivity.
- Improve traceability of tools.
- Use post-processors in any site, eliminating local re-machining.
- Manage and store tools and fasteners models with respect to master routing techniques in a unified system.
- Reduce recycling and tool modeling time.

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