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new security levels for personal information

A research project that provides tools to protect web users from violations of digital identity, one of today’s most critical social phenomena.

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The Digital transformation is involving an increasing number of aspects of our existence: nowadays the boundaries between the real and virtual world are not well defined. Everyone can experience several lives in parallel.For example, looking at the IoT paradigm, we generate and share a huge amount of personal data in our daily active , often in an unconscious way.
From this perspective, privacy and identity management have now become central themes and side effects of privacy violations can include crimes such as defamation, cyberstalking, economic damage, etc.


ProtectID deals with these topics and provides a set of models and tools to manage threats related to a potential violation of digital identity.The final goal is to support players involved in personal data management, enabling them to face challenges related to the privacy of digital identities, both in the current context and in its future evolutions.

The key enabling technology is the Blockchain, which is used as a public ledger where stakeholders – i.e., data subjects on the one side and data controllers/processors on the other – can track the entire lifecycle of a digital identity, from the negotiation of a privacy policy to the erasure of all related data on request from the data subject (“right to be forgotten”).

The project is funded by the MISE PON “Enterprise and competitiveness” programme (ERDF 2014-2020)


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