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Simplifying the use of open data with Idra

IDRA is an open source platform that allows to collect and harmonize data on the internet, allowing citizens and businesses to reuse it.

Approach & Solution


At Engineering, we are strongly in favour of seeing a variety of partners interact so as to share knowledge, skills and technologies. This is seen in the commitment demonstrated in the collaborative projects promoted by the European Commission (such as those covered by the Horizon 2020 programme) and by the growth in projects designed to promote collaboration-based synergies.
One of these is the Idra, an open source platform that provides a single point of access to the various open datasets made available by both public bodies and private entities via their portals. Idra digital platform is intended for public administration services to enable businesses and citizens to reuse the available data and generate added value from the resulting information.


The open data is made available on Idra by means of application programming interfaces (APIs) and standard formats. The platform also provides advanced multilingual search functionalities and a display facility for those datasets that are not easily identifiable on their original portals.
In addition, data is displayed more clearly by means of dedicated visualisation tools and is processed with the help of data analytics tools.
As a result:
  • Users can produce statistics and run market analyses and other kinds of studies.
  • Developers are given access to the APIs in order to build new applications based on the wide range of data provided by Idra.


The platform is an integral part of the FIWARE project and, by providing a single point of access to publicly available open data, it fulfils perfectly a specific aim of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA): “To promote greater transparency in the relationship between institutions and civil society, and encourage an informed public debate on topics of collective interest.”

Currently, Idra has reached Technology Readiness Level 6 (System Adequacy Validated in Simulated Environment).

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