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New challenges with innovative solutions

New challenges with innovative solutions

Challenging traditional business to seek new business opportunities.

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Operating in a mature market implies many critical issues and dynamic companies must be open to new opportunities for mitigating risk, based on existing skills and resources.
This is the challenge faced by our client, a dynamic and smart company operating in Italy for an international company: one of the world's largest energy operators, with nearly 50000 employees and a turnover of more than 40 billion euro.
Our client wanted to invest in the Extra-Commodity market in order to extend its business and achieve greater customer loyalty. These new activities commonly take the name of Value Added Services (VAS), a term born in the telecommunications sector to indicate all services offered outside the basic service.


This is where our experts come into play, contributing to the customer's project with the introduction to the Net@4Vas platform, an evolution of our proprietary Net@SUITE solution.

The solution, thanks to the introduction of a series of new functionalities in line with existing core processes, allows to Acquire, Bill, Collect, Account for and Report data related to non-core services in the different sales and payment methods envisaged (sale of goods/services with payment on a recurring basis, deferred basis or in a one-off solution, such as concert tickets, phone top-ups and books).


Easier management of new products/services

Extension of client's business

Increase in client's competitiveness

The client innovated its offer

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