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Rail Cargo Carrier optimizes
field processes
with AR and AI

Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence transform and optimize the logistics of field processes, ensuring continuous improvement of skills and resource productivity, simplifying reporting processes and know-how sharing.

Approach & Solution



Rail Cargo Carrier has been dealing with cross-border rail transport since 2006, offering an important contribution to the entire international logistics chain, through cooperation between the production units of Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia and Hungary belonging to the group.

To ensure the safety of freight trains, the interaction of all parties involved in transport is of fundamental importance. Rail Cargo Carrier's goal is to allow field operators, responsible for logistics operations, to perform periodic inspections on freight trains, in a totally safe way.
This translates into the collection of multimedia information and its processing in the form of dynamic reports, aimed at reducing the costs related to disputes on any discrepancies related to the quality of the loads.


To achieve this goal, Rail Cargo chose SPACE1, which is able to combine Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to transform and optimize Field processes.

In this specific case, OverIT's product allows the technician to conduct inspection activities in a totally hands-free way, ensuring high standards of safety and productivity in all working conditions and, at the same time, a continuous improvement of skills, simplifying the management process and sharing of know-how.

Our Client's thoughts

"The solution allowed us to digitalize the whole train inspection process, from on-field operations to the analysis of collected data, up to reporting. Moreover, supervisors are now able to work with higher speed, precision and total safety, thanks to hands-free operation and real-time remote support, which introduce new standards of efficiency for the entire sector."

Alessandro Borzacchi - Project Manager, Rail Cargo Group


Fewer complaints related to the quality of goods at destination

Save time and errors thanks to the automatic reading of freight wagon identifiers

Maximum flexibility thanks to a configurable template for mobile data collection

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Process performance

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